Grosvenor Waterside Health & Fitness Spa offers a range of lifestyle classes to aid your personal journey to further wellness.

The principle behind the Studio timetable is variety, fun and tangible results.

A huge range of classes including step, circuits, bums and tums and spin ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

As well as individual classes, a wide variety of courses are also on offer. These include Zumba, Yoga and Pilates allowing members to progress their mind and body. 

After your initial induction, we will provide in-depth health and fitness assessments and a six week training plan. Our personal trainers are on hand to keep you motivated and inspired. Offering expert advice on diet and nutrition, we help you achieve life-changing results.




On Mondays -        Strength Blitz - 0930 - 0950 

           Butt Camp - 1830 - 1930 

           Hatha Yoga - 1945 - 2045

On Tuesdays -       Hatha Yoga - 0930 - 1030

Boxing Blitz - 1030 - 1050

Pure Reps- 1830 - 1930

Hard Core - 1930 - 2015

On Wednesdays -   Core Blitz- 0930 - 0950

                                  Body Balancing- 1000 - 1100

  Beat Fit- 1830 - 1930

After-Workout Workout - 1930-2015

On Thursdays -      Rise and Shine - 1000 - 1100

Revs & Reps - 1830 - 1910

Flow Yoga - 1915 - 2015

On Fridays -           Cardio Blitz - 1030 - 1050

On Saturdays -       Boxing - 1100 - 1200

On Sundays -         Sweat X - 1100 - 1200

                                AB-Solute - 1200 - 1245

All of our classes are suitable for all abilities. We recommend you arrive 10 minutes beforehand as classes are on a first come first served basis. Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

This high intensity interval training protocol is scientifically proven to burn more fat than regular ‘cardio’ – even in the 20 mins that this blast class runs for.

20 mins of developing the most important kind of strength; the power and control you have over your own body… not a dumbbell!

Want toned legs? Sculpted glutes? Flat/defined abs? This 20 min blast class is the one for you.

This 20 min class is just enough to tone and strengthen without bulking your upper body. Ladies, don’t neglect your shoulders and arms… those female celebrities with the great bodies train their upper body more than you think!

Start your day the right way… by getting whipped into shape in this morning bootcamp that will set your metabolism into fat-burning mode for up to 2 hours AFTER the class, with a principle known as the Metabolic Window. Weights. Steps. Cardio. Bodyweight… expect it all!

Classic Yoga is based on a series of static held positions that are designed to not only stretch those tight and tense muscles but to align your body’s subtle energy systems. This is the gentler of the two yoga styles we offer.

Pilates is a unique system of exercise designed to create a balance of strength and flexibility within our bodies. It is unique in that it treats the body as an integrated whole and creates a more streamlined shape.

What could be more fun than getting to punch the stuffing out of pads without hurting anyone… and burning a TON of fat at the same time? You think the treadmill is ‘cardio’? Forget about it. Glove-up for an amazing workout.

Expect the unexpected in this Sunday class. With the instructor changing each week, you will get to experience the many tricks the Total Fit team have to help you get strong while getting LEAN AND MEAN.

If you’re not a fan of J-Lo or Beyoncé… this class might not be for you! J Prepare to feel the burn in your glutes, legs and core as you build muscle in all the right places.

In this whole-body workout we’ll help tone up your muscles without bulking them, to achieve that long/lean look in your arms, legs and midsection.

A cycling class on a stationary bike; a fun high-energy endurance class to music using different intensity levels. Be prepared to sweat and see results quickly!

Like spin… but with abs thrown in!

ZUMBA is a danced-based exercise class based on various Latin dance moves. Thousands a women and men have lost weight and toned up by taking this class, hence its massive popularity all over the world. 

More challenging than the Classic Yoga, in this Vinyasa-based yoga style, you will be taught to flow from one position to the next, making this a dynamic full-body workout as well as an aid towards your internal energetic wellness.