Personal Training

Training tailored to your exact needs and requirements

Total Fit specialises in providing comprehensive training programmes and fitness assessments for our clients. This also extends to designing six week programmes that have a specific start and finish point and a goal in mind for each client.

These typically produce far better results than any standard fitness membership – and it’s just one reason why clients choose our services over all the others.

Total Fit supply specialists in personal training. Fitness programmes are tailored to meet your individual goals and circumstances. Our highly qualified and skilled personal trainers ensure quality workouts.

Total Fit Personal Training continues to provide customers with training excellence, since its conception in the early nineties. Instruction can be in groups or one to one. Whether you prefer to train outdoors or at Grosvenor Waterside Health & Fitness Spa, we help you maximise the benefits from the time you have.

Underpinned with industry knowledge and distinctive skills, the teams dedicated approach helps you achieve well-being through planned exercise and strategic eating plans. Whatever your life-stage, personal training provides momentum for achieving long-term healthy living.

6 week progressive programme £60.00
One off PT sessions £55.00
10 Session block to be taken in 2 months £500.00
Cholesterol and bodystate testing £10.00

Personal assessments

Personal assessments can be combined with or without personal training if you wish, but even as a stand alone service they can be of enormous benefit to any member. Our assessments are tailor made for every individual, and include weekly/monthly measurements of:

  • Weight
  • Cholesterol
  • Bodystate
  • Blood pressure
  • Body and size measurements
  • Dietary assessments
  • Posture assessments
Total Fit experts will then design a realistic programme for weight loss or reduction of blood pressure, for example, based on the statistics obtained from the individual. A programme like this has a much higher chance of success because of its realistic and understandable goals – which are fully supported by Total Fit.